Available Services

Our ultimate goal is to find you the right vacation home for your needs, but we also understand there may be other services you would like as well.  We know of a variety of vendors for various guest services and would be happy to put you in contact with great professionals we have worked with over the years.

Airlines for Mainland and Inter-island Flight

Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Virgin America all fly to the islands. Sign up for the frequent flyer programs to receive alerts on low rates and special discounts.

Beach Rental Equipment & Baby Rental Items

Contact us for vendors who will deliver an array of beach equipment or baby item rentals to your vacation home so you don’t have to bring them with you.

Car Services & Car Rentals

There are private car services that provide transfers to/from the airport in a town car, SUV, limousine or Sprinter van to the doorstep of your rental home. Let us know if you desire such services while on island.

We can assist you with making your car rental reservations with a variety of companies such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, etc. to help you find the best deals they offer.

Chef Services

There are a number of wonderful chefs in the islands. Contact us to help connect you with some to arrange a special meal or even daily service.

Housekeeping Services

If you would like to add a mid-stay clean, every other day or even daily service please let us know as many of the private homes and villas have their own housekeeping staff that would be happy to assist.

Massage Therapy & Yoga

Truly relax while on vacation with a massage at your vacation home. Perhaps you prefer to stretch out the stress and what better way to do it than a private yoga instructor to help.

Photography Services

We know some wonderful photographers who can take a family portrait at the beach or document a special occasion.

Private Jet Service & Boat/Yacht Rentals

There are some private jets that can make it across the Pacific so if you and your family prefer to travel private, please inquire with us. If you wish to rent a catamaran for half a day or a luxury yacht for a full day, we can put you in contact with the right crew.

Scuba, Snorkel & Surf Lessons

There is no better place to enjoy the beautiful ocean than the tropics. If you want to explore the reefs, count the many types of fish or learn to catch a wave, let us know so we can help direct you to the right instructors.

Travel Insurance

There are various companies that offer travel insurance, even for vacation homes and we highly recommend guests research their options to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances that may arise when traveling.

Real Estate Services

We do not list, sell or broker any real estate, as our focus is on your full luxury vacation home experience. We do however, know some of the top realtors in the islands so if you are interested in buying or selling a property in paradise, let us know and we will connect you with a professional that specializes in the area you are looking.

Renting in Hawaii


Many beach homes in Hawaii do not have air-conditioning, or may have only window units in some of the bedrooms, and rely on ceiling fans and natural tradewinds for cooling. If air-conditioning is one of your “must-have” criteria, please check the fact sheets for the individual properties you may be considering for rental to be sure it is included.


All beaches in Hawaii are public property up to the watermark of high tide. The term “private” may sometimes be used to denote beaches that are more secluded, less trafficked or less accessible to the public and does not imply the rights of ownership or of exclusive use.


Since most rental homes are in locations that do not have frequent or convenient public transportation, you will likely need to make arrangements for a rental car. We can assist you with a car rental with Budget, Avis or Hertz at a special rate. We can also arrange for luxury and exotic car rentals.


All vacation rental properties represented by Luxury Vacation Homes, Inc. are cleaned and prepared prior to each guest arrival. Post-departure cleaning is included in the rates for some properties while others have a set fee that is charged to guests in addition to the base rental rates.


Luxury Vacation Homes, Inc. accepts American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa for deposits and payments with a service fee of 3.5%. However, for bookings and/or payments made within 60 days of arrival, we reserve the right to limit payments to checks, cashier’s checks, money orders or wire transfers.


A signed rental contract is required for all of the private homes and villas we represent.


Confirming a reservation at one of our vacation homes will require a deposit of 50%. All rentals are on a pre-paid basis with balances due 60-90 days prior to arrival. Most deposits and payments are non-refundable unless your reserved time period can be re-rented. We highly suggest travel insurance and can assist you with purchasing it if you wish.


Many property owners have printed house rules that typically include any owner-imposed restrictions on the use of the property and that take into account the neighbors and neighborhood within which the property is located. Please inquire for details.


You are invited personally, or via a third party representative, to inspect any property prior to committing to a rental. Property inspections can be arranged by appointment at a time when the property is not occupied by guests.


Luxury Vacation Homes, Inc. requires a signed waiver of liability that extends to the company, its employees, its contracted service personnel and to the individual property owners and managers indemnifying the named parties against claims for bodily injury or death, or for losses due to negligence or theft incurred as a result of renting a particular property. You are advised to investigate the provisions and coverage provided by your personal insurances, including homeowners insurance, and to carefully consider purchasing travel and/or trip cancellation insurance. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing insurance. You may also call CSA Travel Protection directly at 800-661-6860 and use code LUXURYHI to inquiring about vacation rental insurance.


All properties we represent come fully equipped with linens, towels, dishes, flatware, small appliances and a starter supply of soap, laundry detergent and paper goods. Other features and inclusions vary with each property – please check individual property description sheets or contact us about any of your “must-have” criteria.


Most properties have a standard 7 to 30 night stay minimum requirement depending on season and zoning restrictions. There are a few properties which have a one month minimum. Minimum stay requirements are on the fact sheets for each home.


Unless otherwise noted on the fact sheet for an individual property, occupancy (including children) is limited to no more than two persons per bedroom.


Most of the homes we represent specifically prohibit using the property for parties, events, wedding, receptions, etc. The private homes are not equipped or provisioned to handle additional guests and most properties and neighborhoods do not have parking facilities to accommodate extra vehicles.


Many of the homes we represent have swimming pools and/or spas or hot tubs. Most of the pools are not heated. Please be advised that Hawaii state law does not require that a separate, child-proof fence be erected around pool or spa areas and that most properties do not have such fences or any other restraints or barriers which prevent access by small children. Parents are advised to consider this factor in making the selection of a rental property.


Guests are required to pay a refundable security/damage deposit in addition to the base rental rates. This deposit is assessed to cover any items damaged or missing from the rented property, extra cleaning costs or long distance telephone charges. The deposit, less any documented charges, is typically refunded 30-60 days after guest departure date. Many properties also require that guests provide a major credit card guarantee.


Most rental homes in Hawaii do not come with resident staff. Maids, nannies and cook/chef services can be contracted through companies and/or individuals on your island of choice, subject to availability. Luxury Vacation Homes, Inc. can assist you with obtaining quotes for services or by providing you with a listing of vendors.


Vacation rental homes and villas in Hawaii are subject to the same transient accommodations and excise taxes as are hotels and resorts. The current combined tax rate on Oahu is 13.962% and is 13.420% on other islands and is added to the net rental amount.


While Hawaii’s crime rate is lower than that of many other locations, thefts and/or burglaries can occur. Many of the vacation homes we represent are equipped with security systems – and, some are not. There is also a wide variety of system types and levels of sophistication. Please exercise proper precautions to help protect yourself and your property. Some recommendations include: do not travel with expensive jewelry or other such valuables; keep property entry gates and doors locked when not in use; and, do not leave valuables or personal items unattended in rental cars or at the pool or on the beach. Luxury Vacation Homes, Inc. and/or the property owners are not responsible for losses due to thefts or burglaries. Please read the “Liability & Insurance” section above and inquire about any specific concerns.


Although the vacation homes we represent have regularly scheduled pest control treatment, in a tropical environment there will always be a modicum of ants, roaches or other insects that defy even the most diligent efforts. After opening, food should be placed in the refrigerator or in sealed containers to avoid attracting insects. Geckos, our small island lizards, are harmless and are not treated as pests since they help reduce the insect population.


On a year-round basis Hawaii has one on the most ideal and benign climates found anywhere on planet Earth. However, there are some facts, advisories and precautions that may assist your planning and may help avoid certain circumstances and/or conditions that could affect your safety and enjoyment of your trip to the islands. These include:

Hurricanes – June through November is considered to be hurricane season. Although not a frequent occurrence, hurricanes have previously caused significant damage in Hawaii. The most hazardous component of a passing hurricane is the ocean storm surge that can be generated causing flooding and/or wave inundation of oceanfront property. See also “Tsunamis”, below.

Ocean “critters” – Hawaii’s warm and wonderful waters are also home to a number of creatures, such as stinging jellyfish and sharks, which can pose hazards which vary by season and location.

Rain – Due to the prevailing tradewinds the north and east shores of the islands tend to have more rain than do the south and west shores. Rainfall is more plentiful in the winter season.

Seasons – Hawaii does not experience a great deal of seasonal weather variance. In the November through March “winter season” daytime highs are typically in the low-mid 80s and night time lows are in the mid-high 60s. August and September are the two warmest months when temperature highs can reach the low 90s and lows are typically in the mid 70s.

Sun – Direct sunshine in Hawaii can be quite intense and it is possible to get serious sunburn even when there is an overcast sky. Visitors are advised to limit their exposure to the sun and to apply a sunscreen of an SPF factor suited to local weather conditions and your skin type.

Surf and Ocean Currents – Surf and ocean swimming conditions vary widely by location and time of year. Some beaches have offshore reefs that protect them from high surf; others are directly exposed to incoming waves. In the winter season the north shores of the islands often experience large ocean swells generated by storms in the north Pacific. Visitors are advised to check surf and weather conditions with local authorities before swimming in the ocean.

Tsunamis (tidal waves) – Tsunamis are ocean waves that are generated by undersea earthquakes or landslides and can originate hundreds, or even thousands, of miles from Hawaii but travel through the water at great speeds. Tsunamis may be barely noticeable in the open ocean but when they encounter shallow coastal waters they can cause waves capable of inundating oceanfront properties and other flood plain and low-lying locations. Almost all oceanfront homes in Hawaii are in tsunami danger zones. Warning sirens are positioned throughout each of the islands. Visitors are advised to consult the tsunami danger zone maps that are published as a part of the island telephone directories and that provide maps for evacuation routes and shelters.

Volcanoes – Scientists divide volcanoes into three categories – extinct (considered as no threat to erupt again), dormant (inactive, but subject to possible future eruptions) and active (currently or recently erupting). The volcanoes that formed the islands of Kauai and Oahu are classified as extinct; Haleakala on Maui is classified as dormant; and, Mauna Kea on the Big Island has been in a constant state of eruption since the early 1980s.

Wind – Due to direction of the prevailing tradewinds, the east and northeast shores of each of the islands typically experience more windy conditions than do the south and west shores.


Many vacation rental properties in Hawaii are located in areas that have state or local zoning restrictions and/or homeowner/neighborhood association covenants that govern items such as the minimum rental term (e.g. 30 days) or frequency of rentals (e.g. one per calendar month).

Now that we have covered some of the tedious, but necessary, advisements, disclosures and precautions, we would also like to reassure you that Hawaii is one of the greatest destinations in the world to consider for your family vacation.

With warmest aloha, we invite you to explore the private homes, estates and villa rentals throughout the islands that are available to you on this site.